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Drawing of David Van Reybrouck
David Van Reybrouck: "The fight for decolonization can’t be detached from the fight against global warming"
JUSTICE INFO IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS David Van Reybrouck Historian and author Belgian essayist, historian and journalist David Van Reybrouck has taken a close look at Belgian…
In Cambodia, a farmer cuts sugar cane
Cambodian villagers challenge sugar giant in Thai court
Thai sugar giant Mitr Phol, accused of forced displacement, property destruction and land grabbing, is being sued by Cambodian villagers in a class action suit…
Tun Khin and Tomás Ojea Quintana walk side by side
Argentina comes to the aid of Myanmar Rohingyas
On November 26, the Argentine judiciary decided to open an investigation into the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar, under the principle of universal jurisdiction. Since the…
Inscription in the Maori language on a wall
New Zealand leads the way on reparations for indigenous people
New Zealand is decades ahead of other countries in dealing with its colonial past. For 40 years, under the Treaty of Waitangi, a process of…