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A lawyer (Viktor Ovsyannikov ) in a suit sits in the foreground. In the background are military personnel and a Vadim Shishimarin in the dock.
Ukraine: What it’s like to be lawyer for a Russian fighting your country
On July 29, the Kyiv Court of Appeal reduced to 15 years the sentence of the first Russian soldier tried for war crimes in Ukraine…
Convicted of war crimes, Vadim Shishimarin waits in the dock of a court in Kiev (Ukraine)
First Ukraine war crime trial through the eyes of a local court reporter
Under normal circumstances, this trial could have lasted several years. The first war crime trial of a Russian serviceman was one of intense interest and…
Trial of Vadim Shishimarin in an ukrainian court
Ukraine opens first war crime trial of a Russian soldier
On May 13, the Solomianskyi District Court in Kyiv held a preliminary hearing in the first trial of a soldier in the Russian army, Vadim…
Mikhail Kulikov trial, russian war prisonner
War crimes trial in Chernihiv: "There is an oath to carry out the commander's orders"
The war crimes trial of Russian soldier Mykhailo Kulikov is ongoing in the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv. On February 26, 2022, he allegedly fired one…
Prisoners of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic held by Ukrainian forces
Inside courts where Ukrainian judges try Ukrainian POWs
Dozens of Ukrainian combatants from Ukraine’s occupied territories who joined the Russian army’s invasion have been captured by the Ukrainian army. They are being tried…
Mikhail Romanov
Ukraine: The first war time rape trial is held in absentia and behind closed doors
Last month, an investigation on an alleged wartime rape was for the first time completed in Ukraine. Some say the alleged perpetrator, a Russian soldier,…