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Zimbabwe opposition leader says winning election 'resoundingly'

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Zimbabwe opposition leader Nelson Chamisa said Tuesday that he was "winning resoundingly" in the election count and that his MDC party had results from 10,000 polling stations.

"Winning resoundingly... We've done exceedingly well," he said on Twitter after the landmark vote on Monday, adding "We are ready to form the next (government)."

Counting was under way after a strong turnout in Zimbabwe's first election since long-ruling leader Robert Mugabe was ousted from power last year.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, ex-president Mugabe's former right-hand man in the ruling ZANU-PF party, faced off Monday against Chamisa of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) in the historic vote.

Officials overseeing the polls, in which a record number of candidates stood, said many polling stations had queues and estimated that average turnout was around 75 percent one hour before polls closed on Monday evening.

"It is our view that the high voter turnout is indicative of sound voter education and publicity," said Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairwoman Priscilla Chigumba at a media briefing in Harare late Monday.

Previously-banned European Union election observers, present for the first time in years, said participation appeared high but warned of possible "shortcomings" in the vote process.


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