Remembrance: Can Mali learn from Germany?
    Arrey Ojong Eyumeneh

    Whenever there are serious and /or massive human rights violations within a community or a State, victims, their family members and eye witnesses tend to seek justice and truth about what happened to their loved ones. To ensure that that the truth is uncovered and justice takes its course in the form of prosecuting the perpetrators and offering restitution/compensation to the victims and their families, some societies have also moved a step further by introducing different remembrance projects aimed at honoring the victims, thus reminding citizens of the atrocities that happened in the...

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    Germany and the Nazis: Can Trying a Sick Old Man Still Be A Lesson?
    Pierre Hazan, JusticeInfo Editorial Advisor

    Germany’s judicial authorities intend to pursue Nazi war criminals down to the last one, however old they are. As a 95-year-old former Auschwitz nurse Hubert Zafke was due to go on trial on March 14 (the court in the eastern town of Neubrandenburg halted proceedings the same day against Hubert Zafke indefinitely after he received a doctor's note saying he was unfit to attend the hearing) , we have to ask the question: Do these trials for History still serve as a lesson? And are they not hiding the fact that some of the worst Nazi war criminals were freed in the 1950s?  As early as 1948,...

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    Germany's twilight Nazi trials about more than justice

    Germany is putting on trial several former members of the Nazi SS this year -- but seven decades after the war, they are in their 90s and unlikely to end up behind bars. Yet that doesn't diminish the importance of the legal proceedings, experts say, for they serve a role in educating a new generation about the horrors of the Holocaust. "It's not about sending these old folk to prison," an editorial in Sueddeutsche Zeitung stated, echoing other newspapers about the case of former SS guard Reinhold Hanning, 94, who went on trial on February 11 accused of complicity in 170,000 killings. Many argue that given the immensity of the suffering wrought, no judicial sentence, especially this...

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