Transitional justice blind spots

When justice is muzzled in the face of serious crimes

In different parts of the world, situations of great violence sometimes look like a dead end for those seeking justice. These are the “blind spots” of transitional justice, where the geopolitical context blocks any real initiative to seek truth, reparation or retribution. They appear slowly or brutally on the world map. They are mainly linked to wars or to solidly authoritarian regimes. Some of these impasses are temporary; others are very long-lasting. In the absence of credible, official justice initiatives, it escapes the scope of Justice Info’s coverage. Yet it would be inexplicable to ignore them completely. This section offers insights into these blind spots.

War in Ethiopia: What chance of justice for serious crimes?
A recent UN report said serious crimes had been committed in Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict by all sides, including neighbouring Eritrea which is allied with the government. It refers to potential war crimes and crimes against humanity. Other reports point to signs of genocidal intent against ethnic Tigrayans, with rising hate speech and incitement to violence. […]
By Julia Crawford,
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