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Benin had recovered 26 treasures stolen from the Kingdom of Abomey in November 2021 – a direct consequence of French colonialism –, 130 years after the crimes committed by the colonizers. This was the result of French President Emmanuel Macron’s promise to return Africa's cultural heritage, as one of the largest collections of African art remains in France. This restitution process is part of the toolkit of international justice. However, it has been delayed by construction work at the Portuguese fort in Ouidah which is supposed to house the stolen artworks until they return to Abomey. Justice Info’s articles bear witness to this sensitive issue through analyses and expert insights, bringing 100% independent information.

Why treasures returned to Benin are still in boxes

The November 2021 restitution of 26 art works stolen by French colonists from the Kingdom of Dahomey, in present-day Benin, was celebrated as a model. But these treasures that Benin’s people should finally be able to admire again have been put back in boxes, stored at the presidential residence. And the museum in Ouidah, which […]
By Rachida Houssou (our correspondent in Benin)
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