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The only permanent international criminal court

All our articles on the International Criminal Court (ICC). Based in The Hague in the Netherlands, it was founded by the Rome Statute (international treaty signed by 120 States in 1998). Active since the ratification of the treaty in 2002 (by 60 States), it is responsible for judging those accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression and war crimes. Sometimes criticized for its lack of results (judgments), its functioning or its budget, its investigations are often considered as means of political or diplomatic pressure.

Sudan: who helped the ICC suspects break jail?

Who opened the doors of Kober prison, located north of the Sudanese capital, on 23 April? Where are the three International Criminal Court (ICC) suspects who had been held there for more than four years, including former president Omar al-Bashir? Did they escape in the chaos or were they released? All these questions do not […]
By Gwenaëlle Lenoir, for Justice Info
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