National tribunals

The country administers justice itself

National courts are the pillars of justice within each country, responsible for applying laws and delivering fair judgments for offenses ranging from civil disputes to the most serious crimes. Their functioning reflects the diversity of legal systems around the world and plays a central role in protecting citizens' rights, maintaining public order, and promoting justice. Justice Info covers the prosecutions and trials conducted before these national courts when they pertain to crimes under international law.

Collaboration trials in Ukraine: what do court verdicts tell us?

From March 2022 to June 2024, more than 8,000 proceedings on collaboration crimes have been registered by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General. Last year, 790 verdicts were delivered. But the law on collaboration that was passed right after Russia’s invasion in 2022 is criticized, including by the country’s Education Ombudsman. Courts are showing signs of a more […]
By Anastasia Zubova (in Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine / Gre4ka)
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