JusticeInfo.net is the first bilingual (French and English) online media providing in-depth coverage and interactive content on justice in transition societies. It provides independent articles and analyses on a subject that often arouses passions. Its aim is to help strengthen national and international justice processes that promote universal norms to fight mass human rights violations and impunity in divided societies.

In developing JusticeInfo.net, Fondation Hirondelle worked on the principle that the Right to justice goes hand in hand with the Right to information. JusticeInfo.net also works to support and train journalists throughout the world covering this field, and to create a space for dialogue and debate by organizing events where citizens, journalists and specialists can meet to discuss transitional justice.


For 20 years, Fondation Hirondelle has defended the right to information and has created media for peace in conflict zones. If Fondation Hirondelle’s journalists can freely carry out their work and give a voice to citizens in their countries, its thanks to our public partners and the generosity of private donors. With your support, 30 million people around the world now have access to independent news and information every day.

Your help is vital to the continued sustainability of Fondation Hirondelle’s media and the development of new projects.


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