For justice to be done, it must be seen
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We encourage sharing of our content, provided the following conditions are respected:

  • Full or partial reproduction of content in the written and electronic media is authorized, provided the source is mentioned clearly.

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Copyrighted content appearing on the website, notably AFP dispatches and images, may not be re-used without the express permission of the copyright holders.


Posting comments

We invite you to participate in We want it to be interactive – and your contributions count! However transitional justice is a sensitive subject, so please be careful and follow the following basic rules:

1. Identify yourself

Please give your name or pseudonym, the town and country where you are located.

2. Express yourself politely

If you cannot say it politely, then it cannot be published here. Verbal attacks on individuals and abusive comparisons will also not be accepted.

3. Watch your language

Please do not use jargon or slang, which may not be understood. Please be explicit. We also ask that you express yourself only in the languages of, i.e. English and French.

4. Keep to the point

Your comments should concern only articles published on the site.

5. Don’t start a private conversation here

Because it is extremely annoying for other readers. Do it somewhere else, if you have to!

6. Respect other people’s privacy

You may not give anyone’s telephone number or any other information that could identify them without their consent.

7. Respect the law

Illegal activities in any form are prohibited on this site, as elsewhere, including if you use a pseudonym. Illegal activities include: non-authorized copying of software, photos and images; harassment; fraud; illegal trafficking; defamation; any form of discrimination, including ethnic, racial or sexual discrimination. We will also remove any content that is defamatory, injurious to others, obscene, pornographic, racist, xenophobic or revisionist (e.g. denying established facts and legal rulings on genocide and serious crimes). Hate speech or incitement to violence will not be tolerated. reserves the right to withdraw any comment or contribution that goes against existing laws and decent behaviour. may suspend a user account at any time without formal notice.

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