Map of war crimes trials in Ukraine

To date, the first judicial battle in response to Russia's ongoing aggression against Ukraine launched a year ago, is being waged in domestic courts. This exclusive Justice Info map gives an overview.

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Zoom in on the yellow and black pins to see all the trials located in these cities

Yellow pins: war crimes trials - Black pins: war crimes trials in absentia

Last update of the map made on 14/11/2023
Source: Ukrainian Court Registry

Ukraine swiftly opened war crimes trials - in wartime -, without waiting for the outcome of proceedings in international and regional courts. On this map, we list the war crimes trials completed to date in 28 cities against 238 military personnel. Most of them are being tried in absentia. So far, 11 Russian soldiers, present at their trial, have been tried and sentenced in Ukraine. This map does not include the numerous trials for crimes against national security.

This Justice Info map of domestic war crimes trials, produced from public data in court registers consulted by our correspondent Iryna Salii, shows the visible result so far of multiple investigations launched by Ukrainian prosecutors throughout the country: those cases that have already reach trial stage.

As of 14 November 2023, the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine had officially registered 112,904 war crimes and crimes of aggression involving 681 military or political representatives of the Russian Federation.

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