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Iraq sentences Russian IS member to death: judicial source

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A court in Iraq on Thursday sentenced to death a Russian jihadist for being a member of the Islamic State group, a judicial source said.

The person who received the sentence in Baghdad's central criminal court was only identified by the name Hassanov, said the same source.

More than 300 people, including around 100 foreigners, have been sentenced to death in Iraq in the past few months, while many others have received life sentences, according to the source.

Most of the convicted foreigners are Turkish or come from former Soviet states.

A German woman and a French woman were recently sentenced to life imprisonment.

Hundreds of Iraqis appear in court near-daily, accused of being jihadists.

On Wednesday, two Iraqi defendants were released, a judicial source told AFP.

IS took over nearly one third of Iraq in a blistering 2014 offensive, seizing control of the country's second largest city, Mosul, among others.

Baghdad declared military victory over the jihadists in December, after expelling them from all urban centres.

During its three-year long self-proclaimed caliphate, IS perpetrated "crimes against humanity," according to a UN commission of inquiry that has called for the group's leaders to be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court.

The president of the court of appeals in eastern Baghdad met David Marshall, an official at the UN's Human Rights Office, on Thursday.

Marshall said a UN delegation would visit Iraq soon, according to a statement by Iraq's judiciary.

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