Spain's new government to remove Franco's remains from mausoleum

    Spain's new Socialist government is determined to remove the remains of Francisco Franco from a vast mausoleum near Madrid and turn it into a place of "reconciliation" for a country still coming to terms with the dictator's legacy. "We don't have a date yet, but the government will do it," Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said late Monday during his first television interview since being sworn in on June 2 after toppling his conservative predecessor Mariano Rajoy in a confidence vote. He recalled that a non-binding motion approved last year in parliament called for Franco's remains to be...

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    Spanish Left demands return to universal jurisdiction
    François Musseau, correspondent in Madrid

    Is the concept of universal jurisdiction, in which Spanish judges used to lead the way, about to come back in Spain? A Bill to this effect is in the parliamentary works, even if it is blocked for the moment by the party in power, the Popular Party. Some voices within Podemos, the third largest political force in the lower house of parliament, have in recent weeks been demanding that Spain become once again a country where justice has “no limits and no borders”. This was the recent call of Miguel Urban, one of the co-founders of Podemos, on Publico-TV. In April, renowned Spanish jurist...

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    Opinion : The missed opportunities by the spanish goverment in Basque Country
    Urko Aiartza Azurtza, member of European lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights, Senator in Madrid on behalf of the Basque pro sovereignty coalition Amaiur

    Four years ago, the International Conference for the resolution for the Conflict held in Donostia (Conference of Aiete) opened in the Basque Country the opportunity and hope for the definitive resolution of the conflict. After consultations with all stakeholders, and as part of a carefully designed choreography, well known international figures made a call both to ETA and the Spanish and French Governments. Days after the Conference, and ETA announced the definitive cessation of its armed activity. [1] The steps taken since then, in view of the international community and in a unilateral way, opened the way for a definitive peace. These times of hope, however, have known numerous...

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