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Félicien Kabuga (in wheelchair) behind the UN logo
Kabuga trial: for Rwandans, "the old man is still hiding”
"Justice administered in the silence of their offices with only them as witnesses to what they’re doing, this is not justice!" This outburst from an…
Portrait of Laurent Bucyibaruta
Rwandan ex-prefect Bucyibaruta on trial for genocide in Paris
...students who were massacred at Marie-Merci school in Kibeho from fleeing. On May 4, 1994, a meeting was organized by the school principal, Father Emmanuel…
Portrait of Ephrem Rugiririza at his funeral in Rwanda
“A good man and an exceptional colleague” but always present in my memory." Born on January 5, 1964, Ephrem joined Radio Rwanda in 1991, at the same time as Justice Info’s…
Ephrem Rugiririza
In Tribute to Ephrem
The editorial staff of Justice Info are in mourning after the death of our Africa editor, Ephrem Rugiririza, on Tuesday November 30 at his home…
Bernard Ntuyahaga
Major Ntuyahaga’s “perpetual spring”
Bernard Ntuyahaga and his family saw his return to Rwanda, from which he had fled for 24 years, as a path to certain death. The…
Someone is praying in a church
Rwanda: What should happen to priests convicted for genocide?
...of a new bishop, Edouard Sinayobye, on 15 March 2021. © Emmanuel Sehene Ruvugiro It took us almost a year to arrange the meeting with…
Bernard Munyagishari escorted by police in Kigali, Rwanda
In Rwanda, the surprising confessions of Bernard Munyagishari
...tell the truth "as agreed and promised to his family”. Survivors lay a wreath at the "Red Commune" memorial during the 25th genocide commemorations in…
Felicien Kabuga before the Mechanism for International Tribunals
Why Kabuga is no longer accused of importing machetes for genocide
Widely dubbed "the financier of the genocide," Rwandan Félicien Kabuga has carried with him since the 1994 genocide a heavy reputation for ordering machetes used…
Rwanda wins on ICTR convict early releases
It's a U-turn, that applies to convicts from Rwanda and former Yugoslavia. In his September 17 decision, the new presiding judge of the International Residual…
The unprotected life of a Rwanda Tribunal "protected witness"
...history to condemn rape," says an executive of the Ibuka survivors' association. © Emmanuel Sehene Ruvugiro “This protection is nothing but words” Since its closure…