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Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Billion dollar trial
15 years of investigations, 970 million dollars at a minimum, no prisoner, and still no verdict. The first terrorism judgment before the Special Tribunal for…
East Timor: stolen child back home from Indonesia
After 41 years Arsica was reunited with her parents. She was among more than 4,000 East Timorese children who had been forcibly removed from their…
First Dutch Islamic State fighter convicted for war crimes
For the first time a court in The Netherlands has convicted a Dutch-born former Islamic State fighter for war crimes. The case follows a trend…
Welcome to the ICC “Facts and figures”
ICC-facts-and-figures_data-infographic_2019_EN_@JusticeInfoTélécharger When you surf the website of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for “Facts and Figures”, are you properly informed? Not really. We checked the…
ICC judges at centre of controversy
For years the Office of the Prosecutor was seen as the problematic organ harming the reputation of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Now the ICC…