Truth Commissions

In search of the causes of violence, listening to the victims

Truth commissions in the field of transitional justice are pillars in the quest for truth in societies that have decided to confront dark periods of their history, whether after a conflict, a dictatorship, or specific crimes committed, for example, against an indigenous population. Justice Info covers truth commissions when they play a significant role in addressing the most serious crimes of the past.

Adel Maizi: "Remembrance isn’t just about the past, it helps build the future"

Adel Maizi chaired the “memory committee” at Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission from 2014 to 2019. He is a member of the International Council on Archives, where he is an expert on archives and human rights. Maizi explains how the work of remembrance has become the poor relation of transitional justice in Tunisia.
By Olfa Belhassine
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