ICC’s Khan goes after Israel and Hamas

Palestine / Israel - Karim Khan: International Criminal Court's prosecutor (ICC)
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This is the biggest event they have covered in international justice, acknowledge Stephanie van den Berg and Janet Anderson, our partners at Asymmetrical Haircuts. On May 20 the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has requested arrest warrants against three top leaders of Palestinian movement Hamas and the two most prominent Israeli political officials for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

For years the ICC was damned for its inaction, now it is for taking action. For years it has been criticized for being one-sided in its prosecutions; now it is for going after both sides. But so many questions remain: How long will it take before judges grant (or not) the prosecutor’s request? Can the investigation be stopped? Will the case expand? How to analyse reactions from Germany, the UK or the US? What to think about the panel of experts that the prosecutor has put together to advise him on evidence and alleged crimes? How what’s going on at the ICC interacts with the parallel proceedings before the International Court of Justice? Our two partners and a number of legal experts share their early reactions.

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