Serbia deports Bosnian actor over 'security threat'

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Serbian authorities on Monday deported a Bosnian actor they accused of posing a security threat, his lawyer said.

Fedja Stukan -- an actor, activist and war veteran -- had been detained upon arrival at the capital Belgrade's airport over the weekend.

Stukan, who had been set to attend a literary festival, is known for having courted controversy in both his native Bosnia and neighbouring Serbia.

The actor's attorney, Sead Spahovic, told AFP that Stukan was placed on a flight to Sarajevo and deported on Monday afternoon.

Stukan had earlier posted documents concerning his deportation on social media.

Spahovic told local media outlets that authorities had accused Stukan of posing "a threat to the security of Serbia".

Serbian officials did not publicly comment on the case.

Stukan is well known across the Balkans for his role in Angelina Jolie's 2011 film, "In the Land of Blood and Honey", about the 1990s war in Bosnia.

He is also the author of a popular autobiography called "Blank" -- where he wrote about his time in the Bosnian army in 1992.

"The reason for my harassment there (in Serbia) is my book, and my appearance at last year's demonstrations against violence in Belgrade is actually the last straw" that prompted the deportation, Stukan told reporters upon arriving at the Sarajevo airport.

The book has been "hurting nationalists" across the region for a long time, he added.

Stukan said he did not see any other reason to be proclaimed a threat to national security.

Bosnia was torn apart by a bloody inter-ethnic war in the 1990s that killed 100,000 people.

The war remains a sensitive subject in both Serbia and Bosnia, with Serb forces accused of having committed war crimes and overseeing gruesome atrocities during the conflict.

In recent years, Stukan has gained notoriety for his activism and organising protests in Bosnia.

Last year, Stukan also participated in demonstrations in Serbia, following back-to-back mass shootings in the country.

The rallies quickly morphed into anti-government protests, with some Serbian officials and state-backed media outlets publicly criticising Stukan's attendance and calling him a "Muslim extremist".