Prosecuting sexual violence in Ukraine’s war

Sexual violence in Ukraine - Photo: Women stand at the door of their apartment building in the city of Lysychansk, a city without electricity and water, in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbas.
Photo: © Aris Messinis / AFP
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According to the United Nations, there’s been a pattern of sexual violence across Ukraine and the number and consistent reports of sexual violence and rape in Russian-occupied areas suggest “a widespread and systematic pattern committed by Russian forces”. The UN also says there are “allegations of rape, including gang rape, attempted rape, forced nudity, threats of sexual violence against civilian women and girls, men and boys.”

Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor has officially registered 293 “facts” of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) against men, women and prisoners of war. Our partners at Asymmetrical Haircuts talk to Anna Sosonska, Prosecutor and Acting Head of the CRSV Division in Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General, and Anastasiia Moisaieva, deputy team lead of the NGO Global Rights Compliance CRSV team.

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