Muhanga, 27 June 2008 (FH) - Xavier Bizigihe, 77, an alleged accomplice to the murder of 90-year-old woman Genevieve Mukanyonga, on 9 May this year, rejected his earlier confession by explaining that he had conceded to killing under duress. “I am a Tutsi.

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I was chased during the genocide… a survivor I cannot kill another survivor”, explained the old man to the Hirondelle Agency.
His ten children, who also survived the genocide, live with him in the Mata sector of the Muhanga district.
The old woman was killed at home, drenched in gasoline and burned in broad day light. Shortly afterwards, Bizigihe confessed and implicated five other accomplices. They were then arrested and held at the police station of Muhanga.
According to the police, the old man confessed to having held meetings to plan and organize the murder. “He even had his son write the confession and he signed it. That cannot be done under duress”, stated a police officer.
The death shocked the neighbours because of high age of the deceased.
However, a grand-son of the deceased, Innocent Nsengiyumva, claimed that initially there was an attempt to eliminate Marie Kankuyu, daughter of the victim who presides the semi-traditional Gacaca court that sentenced in absentia, the son-in-law of Bizigihe, to 17 years in prison.