Arusha, November 30th, '99 (FH) - Former Rwandan Minister for Further Education, Research and Culture Jean de Dieu Kamuhanda has been arrested in France. Kamuhanda was part of the Rwandan interim government that presided over the 1994 genocide.

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According to the bi-monthly magazine Ubutabera, he was arrested at dawn on Friday, November 26th, in the French town of Bourges. The Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) told journalists on Monday evening that a "former high-level politician" had been arrested in France, but declined to give his name. She said he would be transferred to the ICTR prison in Arusha, Tanzania in the next few days. Kamuhanda comes from greater Kigali. He was appointed minister when the genocide was already well under way, replacing Daniel Mbangura. He will be the eleventh member of the former interim government held in ICTR custody, excluding former Prime Minister Jean Kambanda who was sentenced to life imprisonment for genocide after pleading guilty. ICTR prosecutors plan joint trials for most of the people concerned. JC/FH (PO§1130e)