Arusha, June 13, 2000 (FH) - The trial of three genocide suspects from Cyangugu prefecture, South Western Rwanda, is scheduled to begin in Arusha (ICTR, Tanzania) on August 16 this year. The three accused are Andre Ntagerura, Emmanuel Bagambiki and Lieutenant Samuel Imanishimwe.

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Ntagerura was the Minister of Transport and Communications in the interim government of 1994, which oversaw the genocide. He is said to have allowed or authorised the use of government vehicles, specifically buses for the transportation of [Interahamwe] militia, as well as for the transportation of arms and ammunitions to Cyangugu prefecture. Bagambiki was on his part, was the then prefect [governor] of Cyangugu. Prosecutors allege that refugees who had taken refuge in Cyangugu Cathedral were escorted to Kamarampaka stadium in Cyangugu by civilian and military authorities including Bagambiki. Subsequently, using lists already prepared, these Tutsis were called out by name and executed in a place called Gatandara. Lieutenant Imanishimwe was the commander of the Cyangugu Barracks unit of the Rwandan Army. Prosecutors allege that in consort with Bagambiki, Imanishimwe helped prepare lists of people to eliminate. These lists were given to soldiers under Imanishimwe's command and militiamen with orders to arrest and kill the persons listed. Prosecutors further allege that some Tutsi refugees were arrested and brought to Imanishimwe, who ordered them to be executed. This will be the second joint trial to begin at the court. A previously envisaged joint trial of hate media personalities, which had been scheduled for June has been postponed and will begin in September instead. MK/CR/FH (CY%0613e)