Arusha, October 25th, 2000 (FH) - A survivor of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda told the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) on Wednesday that former prefect and genocide suspect Emmanuel Bagambiki gave the order for the extermination of thousands of Tutsi refugees at the Nyamasheke Parish, in Cyangugu, southwest Rwanda. "The Prefect, I learned, had ordered that everybody had to be registered [on arrival at the Nyamasheke Parish]," said prosecution witness "LBI", a Tutsi woman.

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LBI told the court how refugees at Nyamasheke were killed by Hutu civilians, Interahamwe militia, policemen and gendarmes soon after Cyangugu prefect Bagambiki had asked them to stay at the Parish becausethat they would be safe. According to the witness, Interahamwe leader Yussuf Munyakazi also said it was Bagambiki who had ordered more militias to the region. She recalled the killings on April 15th, 1994, in which her 18 year-old brother was among those who died trying to defend themselves. "He was brought to me, his arm was cut and he was dying. I covered him and did not show him to my mother to sadden her," the witness said. She told the court that when the refugees were registered at the Parish, there were about 25,000 people and almost three-quarters of them were killed during the attack. "I saw my mother and the child she was carrying thrown into a pit latrine," the witness told the court in a voice full of emotion. The court asked if she would like to take a break, but she declined. In response to prosecutor Holo Makwaia, the witness said that the child thrown into the latrine withher mother was her three-and-a- half-year-old brother. Witness LBI added that the attackers returned and turned over bodies and speared them to ensure the victims were dead. Some were cut up into small pieces and others, mostly women, thrown into pit latrines. The witness was wounded, but hid and managed to survive the attack. She recounted how she was subsequently raped when she ventured from her hiding place within the Parish to seek help, food and shelter. She told the court she recognised some of the people who raped her. The court had to adjourn for a while because the witness started crying as she gave her testimony. The defence will cross- examine the witness on Thursday. Bagambiki and former Cyangugu military leader Samuel Imanishimwe are on trial with former Transport Minister André Ntagerura in the so-called Cyangugu trial which started on September 18th. All three are accused of genocide and crimes against humanity. The prosecution says theyconspired together to organize the extermination of Tutsis in Cyangugu. The case is being heard by Trial Chamber Three of the ICTR composed of Judges Lloyd Williams of Jamaica (presiding), Yakov Ostrovsky of Russia and Pavel Dolenc of Slovenia. SW/JC/FH (CY%2510e)