Arusha, September 24, 2002 (FH) - The trial of former mayor of Mukingo(Ruhengeri Province, northwest of Rwanda) Juvénal Kajelijeli, was on Monday adjourned by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) after the accused fell ill. "He (Kajelijeli) fell ill during a hearing and a consulting physician confirmed that he's suffering from hypertension," a member of the accused's defence team informed the independent news agency Hirondelle.

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Just like last week, the hearing proceeded in camera with the testimony of the sixth defence witness. Known only as "DMR3" for protection of identity, the witness had to postpone his testimony, which started on Monday morning. This is the third time that Kajelijeli has become sick while his trial is on progress. In March 2000, the accused stated before the Chamber that he was unwell. He said that he was "really suffering" and that the treatment he was receiving was not easing his suffering. Kajelijeli complains of hypertension, arthritis and gout. In October 2001 Kajelijeli's state of health provoked a lengthy appeal by his lead counsel American Lennox Hinds, who even threatened to withdraw from the case after the Tribunal rejected a motion he had presented asking for an adjournment; as his client was sick. Hinds said his client was "in agony," adding that he was suffering from an ailment that the doctors at the (ICTR) United Nations detention facility had not identified and asked the court to order that he receives specialised treatment. However, based on a medical report from the UN detention facility the court decided it showed there was nothing to prevent the accused from appearing before the Chamber. The hearing then proceeded for a day in the absence ofthe accused. The case is before the ICTR's Trial Chamber Two, composed of judges William Hussein Sekule of Tanzania (presiding), Winston Churchill Matanzima Maqutu of Lesotho and Arlette Ramaroson of Madagascar. Proceedings resumed on Tuesday with witness "DMR3" continuing with his testimony in closed session. BN/SW/FH (KJ-0924e)