Arusha, July 1, 2002 (FH) - Radio-télévision libre des Mille Collines (RTLM) identified civilian ethnic Tutsis as enemies of Rwanda intending to enslave the majority Hutu population, French historian and expert on Rwanda, Jean-Pierre Chrétien told the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda on Monday. Founder member and alleged former director of RTLM, Ferdinard Nahimana is on trial at the ICTR mainly charged with using RTLM to alienate Tutsis before and during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

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Chrétien identified several recordings which the prosecution claims are of RTLM broadcasts. "In identifying the enemy, RTLM made no distinction between the RPF (Tutsi led rebel movement) and civilian Tutsis", said Chrétien. He said that names used to refer to the rebels like Inkotanyi(fighters) and Inyenzi(cockroaches) also referred to Tutsis in general. "We have to finish them", one of the alleged RTLM recordings played in court by prosecutor Steven Rapp of the US said of Tutsis. "This is easy, because all you have to do is look at the nose and break it. " Ethnic Tutsis are stereotypically said to have thin long noses as opposed to wider and shorter noses of Hutus. Chrétien is a researcher at Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris. He told the court that he had experience of over 40 years researching on the Great Lakes region in Africa. He is co-author of the book; 'Rwanda, les médias du génocide'. The book is about the role of the media in the 1994 genocide. Another recording also said to be of RTLM played in court says; "We are coming towards dawn. Towards a beautiful day when we shall say, 'no more Inyenzi'. A day when we shall forget the word Inyenzi. " "This is not a classical war", said Chrétien adding that, "it is a war of civilians using bladed weapons". Chrétien also identified recordings in which announcers are heard identifying individuals as accomplices of the RPF. He said that these people had been consequently killed by militias. Chrétien continues his testimony on Tuesday before Trial Chamber One of the ICTR, composed of Judges Navanethem Pillay of South Africa (Presiding), Erik Mose of Norway and Asoka de Zoysa Gunawardana of Sri Lanka. GG/JA/FH(ME-0701f)