Arusha, May 27, 2002 (FH) - The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) has discharged as lead counsel, defence lawyer Michael Greaves of the United Kingdom and notified him that is no longer eligible for assignment to an accused or suspect at the Tribunal. In a decision dated May 23rd and signed by the Deputy Registrar Malawian, Lovemore Green Munlo, Greaves addressed only partially grievances that had been put to him by his client former Rwandan minister of civil service Prosper Mugiraneza and requested to be withdrawn from the case.

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According to the decision, Mugiraneza filed a request before the ICTR Registry for the withdrawal of the counsel at the end of last year. Greaves had been assigned as lead counsel for Mugiraneza in September 1999. The accused, read the decision reproaches his counsel for lack of communication, lack of diligence and delays in the filing of a request for assignment of a co-counsel among other complaints. The accused had also complained of lack of scheduling and evaluation of activities, a disagreement on the strategy of the defence as well as breach of confidentiality. The Registry decision states that all grievances were submitted to the counsel for his comments and that in a reply of January 10, 2002, Greaves only addressed the grievance of lack of communication, one relating to breach of confidentiality and requested to be withdrawn from the case. Greaves, adds the Registry, did not address all other grievances put to him by his client. He stated that, "his declining and refusal to get involved in a fee splitting arrangement is the root of his client's request for withdrawal of his assignment". The Deputy Registrar says in the decision that despite several reminders dated January 21st and 28th, February 6th, and April 5, 2002, Greaves has not replied to the Registry's correspondence. The decision states that due to lack of cooperation by Greaves in providing the Registry with a response, his Bar Association "was seized on March 7, 2002