Arusha, March 17, 2004 (FH) – A former senior officer in the former Rwandan army (ex-FAR), Colonel Simba Aloy, on Wednesday pleaded again not guilty to crimes of genocide at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). Col.

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Simba is charged with four counts: Genocide, Complicity in Genocide, and Crimes against Humanity (murder and extermination). He made his first initial appearance on March 18, 2002. According to the prosecution, Simba was in charge of civil defence in Gikongora and Butare between May and June and he had authority over the military, police and Interahamwe (militia allied to the former ruling party, the MRND). It was in that capacity that he allegedly oversaw the massacres of Tutsis in that region. The accused allegedly commented in April 1994: “the situation is very dangerous. I have been recalled to arms to help hunt down Tutsis”. The prosecution continues that even though the accused was retired, he wore military uniform in 1994. “He compared relations between Tutsis and Hutus to that between cats and rats”, points out the indictment. Colonel Simba was part of a group of military officers of the “committee for peace and national unity” that took power on July 5 1973 after the overthrow of former president Gregoire Kayibanda by Major General Juvenal Habyarimana. He then became a minister of information and later on a member of parliament. He is mostly remembered for having been the commandant of the Kigali military camp. He was arrested in Senegal on November 27, 2001 and transferred to Arusha on March 11 2002. He is represented by Alao Sadikou from Benin while the prosecution is led by William Egbe from Cameroon. Simba Aloys appeared before Judge Jai Ram Reddy of Fiji who entered his not guilty plea to all counts. His trial is set to begin on May 10, 2004KN/GA/CE/FH (SI''0317e)