Arusha, February 26, 2004 (FH) – The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), on Thursday confirmed of the arrest in Amsterdam (Netherlands) of a former Rwandan military officer, Lieutenant Ephrem Setako. “We are in the process of finalising his indictment”, the chief of prosecution's office, Melanie Werret informed Hirondelle News Agency.

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“It is supposed to be confirmed by a judge today”. Setako was arrested on Wednesday at a centre for asylum seekers in the Netherlands. “He will be transferred as soon as possible to the ICTR which has its headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania”, announced Amsterdam judicial authorities. Lt. Col Setako, 54, comes from Nkuli district in Ruhengeli province (northern Rwanda). The suspect is one of the shareholders of the radio station that incited the genocide against Tutsis in 1994, Radio-télévision libre des mille collines (RTLM). His name appears on the list of principle genocide suspects wanted by the Rwandan judicial authorities. His arrest coincides with the conviction on the very same day by the tribunal, of another army officer, the former commander of Karambo military barracks in Cyangugu (south western Rwanda) Lieutenant Samuel Imanishimwe. Sentenced to 27 years in prison, the officer had been co-accused with a former minister and a prefect both of whom were acquitted. They were released on Thursday morning. KN/ER/AT/CE/FH (OTP''0226e)