Introduction to the Hirondelle Press Agency

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The Hirondelle press agency is a branch of Hirondelle Foundation, an
organization of journalists which sets up and operates media services
in crisis areas.

In 2006 more than 1500 dispatches were produced in English, French,
Kiswahili and Kyniarwanda. Radio Audios productions are posted on the
website or transmitted to national or international radio stations. The
foundation wants to collaborate to the development of tolerant and
democratic societies and contribute to creating a responsible, civic
minded exchange of opinions within the public.

For us, justice is one of the precondition for reconciliation. Women
and men living in areas of crisis have an increased need and right to
impartial and independent information.

Since its establishment in 1995, besides the press agency created in
1997, Hirondelle Foundation has established radios in Sudan, Liberia,
Sierra Leone and Congo as well as in Kosovo and Timor.

“Hirondelle News Agency has followed closely the daily
activities of the Tribunal for several years and is now also reporting
on the implementation of the ICTR Completion Strategy. The reports by
Hirondelle have contributed significantly to increased knowledge about
the judicial proceedings in Arusha. It is essential that the world at
large receives accurate information about the daily work in the
courtrooms and equally important that frequent press reports are
conveyed to the Great Lakes Region. Through its reports, the News
Agency has shown its professionalism, reliability and integrity. This
project deserves support from the international community because of
its important role in the dissemination of information about
international criminal justice.”

ICTR President Judge Erik Möse