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HUYE (South of Rwanda) 19th February 2007 (FH) - Rwanda government released monday over 9192 prisoners after serving several years over their allegedly role in 1994 Genocide. Minors, critically sick, self-confessed, elderly and those without dossiers are the categories of 2007 bunch. In 1st January, 2003 presidential decree called for the provisional release of Genocide , especially those who have confessed their actions in 1994 Genocide reported to have claimed an estimated one million Rwandans. Mr. Ntete Jules Marius in charge of General Inspections in National Prosecution said Kigali’s principal prisons notably 1930 Prison, Ririma and Kimirinko had only 1,752 liberated. Butare High prosecution of higher Instance said former Butare Province, southern Province, has a total of 1108 inmates liberated. Mr. Muhumuza Richard , prosecutor of Butare higher Instance said 2007 release manifests Rwanda’s right path to respect of law as tool for the reconstruction of socio-political society. “The released shows how far the judiciary has gone in providing justice as a precondition for Rwanda’s recovery from horrors of Genocide” Butare-based, Mr. Muhumuza said. Madam Agnese Niyonsaba , from Gisagara District , Southern Province , one of the released in Karubanda Prison said “as soon as I reach, I will start developing my area”. In Huye District, military trucks transported the released to Kinihira Sector , Ruhango District for solidarity camp where they will be updated on national key policies like Unity and reconciliation. The nationwide release was witnessed by fellow prisoners in pink, watched on their colleagues in ordinary clothes board cars to solidarity camps. The Director of Karubanda Prison, Mr. Gahamanyi Isidor said the screening for ones to be released was systematic and strict. WM/PB © Hirondelle News Agency