Arusha, 25 June 2007 (FH) - The second witness for the prosecution in the trial of Abbot Hormisdas Nsengimana in progress before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) accused the catholic priest of having killed another clergyman, Abbot Mathieu Ngirumpatse, in 1994.

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Indicted for genocide, murder and extermination, Abbot Nsengimana who pled not guilty, was, during the genocide, vice-chancellor of the Christ King College of Nyanza, in southern Rwanda.

"Abbot Hormisdas took his gun, shot in the ear of Abbot Ngirumpatse", a Tutsi, stated the witness who for his safety testified under anonymity, hidden from the public by an opaque curtain.

He dated the events on 25 April 1994 at the parish church of Nyanza, not far from the Christ King College.

The same day, the defendant who, in addition to his gun, carried a rifle and a traditional sword, killed an old Tutsi woman who had hidden in the banana plantation of the priests of the parish, also according to this testimony.

The witness also accused Abbot Nsengimana of killing on 8 May 1994 three Tutsi girls with his sword after having cut their hair.

"I do not want to waste my ballets", would have expressed the priest, before cutting in parts his victims, according to this testimony.

The witness, who was questioned by the Prosecutor, Tanzanian Wallace Kapaya, was still to be cross-examined by the defense.

The trial of Abbot Hormisdas Nsengimana, one of the three catholic priests detained by the ICTR, opened last Friday.

This session should last a week with five witnesses for the prosecution.

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