Arusha, 22 August 2007 (FH) - The Rwandan Principal State Counsel's Office estimates that African countries are not doing enough to track and arrest genocide suspects living on their territories, reports Wednesday the pro-governmental Rwandan newspaper, New Times.   

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In July 2006, the Rwandan ministry of the foreign affairs had presented to the diplomats stationed in Kigali, including representatives of African countries, a list of 93 genocide suspects that are at large abroad.
"We have got received some positive reactions from European countries after the publication of the list but no single African country has made any arrest or even sent judicial officials to look for some information on the fugitives", deplores the spokesperson of the Principal State Counsel's Office, Jean Bosco Mutangana, quoted by The New Times.
Mutangana chairs a commission installed at the level of the Principal State Counsel's Office to track the fugitives.
Among the Western countries having carried out arrests after last year's appeal, the newspaper cites the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Canada.

Others sent judicial officers to make preliminary investigations including the United States and New Zealand", added Mutangana.
On the other hand, according to him, certain African countries seem to have become sanctuaries for fugitives.

"For insistence in Mozambique; we issued eight indictments containing details of the fugitives including their physical addresses but it has been almost four months and no action has been taken."
Among the fugitives living in Mozambique, figures Callixte Gakwaya who had signed a contract with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) as the principal advisor of a defendant.
The Rwandan lawyer had to break his contract last year after being accused by Kigali of participating in the 1994 genocide.
The spokesperson of the Principal State Counsel's Office of Rwanda added that certain planners of the genocide circulate freely in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in Mozambique, in Malawi and in Zambia.
Perpetrated by Hutu extremists, the genocide in Rwanda resulted, according to Kigali, in nearly a million deaths, primarily Tutsis.

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