Arusha, 31 October 2007 (FH) - The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) will render a sentencing judgement in the matter of Juvenal Rugambarara, the former Rwandan mayor on 16th November 2007, said on Wednesday the ICTR statement.

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Juvenal Rugambarara is accused of extermination as a crime against humanity among other counts. He pled guilty.
During 1994 genocide, the defendant was the bourgemestre of Bicumbi commune located in Kigali rural prefecture.
According to the indictment, Juvenal Rugambarara, as the highest administrative authority, failed to apprehend or refer his subordinates who were responsible for massacres of Tutsi civilians in Mabare, Mwulire and Nawe sectors of Bicumbi commune to the competent authorities for appropriate punishment.
Rugambarara, 48, pled guilty of extermination as a crime against humanity for not having taken the necessary measures to punish his subordinates implicated in the massacres on 13 July. Eight other counts were dropped by the prosecution.

On 17 September, the ICTR office of the prosecutor requested a minimum of 12 years in prison against Rugambarara while his lead counsel Maroufa Diabira, invited the judges to impose on his client a sanction which could bring him closer to his compatriots emphasizing his client had not enough time to assume his responsibilities in a country without security.
Born in Tare commune within Kigali rural prefecture, Rugambarara was appointed bourgmestre of Bicumbi commune where he lived and worked on 4August 1993. However, he managed the commune from 16 Sept 1993 to 20 April 1994.

He was arrested on 11 August 2003 and he is the eighth accused to have pled guilty at the ICTR.
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