Arusha, 13 November 2007 (FH) - A witness for the prosecution in Karemera trial stated Tuesday before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda(ICTR) that Joseph Nzirorera assigned Interahamwe to kill Tutsis from Kigali.   

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That witness with an anonymous name of AJW stated that he was at Nzirorera's house located in Kyovu on 7th of April where he found many interahamwe from various areas fulfilling the instructions given by Joseph Nzirorera. Those included going out to seek and kill tutsis throughout Kigali.
"I found many interahamwe in Nzirorera's house who were following his instructions. I was asked for assistance as a driver", he declared.
According to the witness, Nzirorera also ordered soldiers who were at his house to go to the mount Kigali to take the ammunitions and brought to his house and as I was his driver he ordered me to assist him in that matter.
"I drove a kind of jeep that was in the compound and soldiers ordered me to go to mount Kigali to pick ammunitions to Nzirorera's house. I did not know those soldiers and also I could not be aware of what was going on as I was ordered by people whom I did no more recognize," he explained.
 He further stated that all genocide plans in Kigali was organized by Joseph Nzirorera at his house in Kyovu.
Nzirorera is accused along with Edouard Karemera and Jerome Ngirumpatse. Their trial started in September 2005. They have pleaded not guilty to genocide and crimes against humanity.
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