Kirehe, Eastern Rwanda, 26 March 2008 (FH) - A 17-year-old genocide survivor and a student in grade eight is being detained in Kibungo prison, eastern Rwanda, for attempted murder, reports Hirondelle Agency.

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"Mr Dushimimana went to the residence of Mrs Chantal Nibagwire armed with a hoe early last month with the intention of killing her. She called for help and the young man fled ", claimed a police source. However, the boy was arrested a few weeks later at his school.

The subject of conflict is apparently over a house which Nibagwire occupies, which was built in 2004 in Kirehe by the Fund for Genocide Survivors for Dushimimana, and that former has since been occupying it allegedly illegally, according to Etienne Makuza of IBUKA, the main association of 1994 genocide survivors.

Efforts to get Nibagwire quit the house has proved fruitless, added Makuza.

The information was confirmed by the deputy-mayor of Kirehe, Bernadette Kamuntu, who insisted Nibagwire's eviction from the house.

The accused said from his prison that the murder plan was fabrication by Nibagwire and the police to get him arrested.

The local IBUKA officials allege that Dushimimana was in prison only because Nibagwire occupies the house with the blessings of the district, which does not want to pay rent for last two years.


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