Arusha, 1 April 2008 (FH) - The main organization of survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, IBUKA, has denounced the murder last week of three survivors, adding that these crimes are perpetuation of "genocide plan".

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"Ibuka ( which means remember in Kinyanyarwanda), requests once again that government authorities take measures which are essential to discourage those who continue the genocide plan, because these acts are multiplying as we are approaching the commemoration of the memory of the victims of the genocide", the organization wrote in a Press Statement sent to the Hirondelle Agency..

Jacques Ntiburirwa of Remera sector in Kigali, succumbed Saturday to wounds after he was assaulted the same day by attackers, claimed Ibuka.

Cecile Mukandoli, 73, was killed Thursday in her sector of Mbuye, in the South Province, and her body was hurled into a river. This victim who lost her husband during the genocide is survived by seven children.

Wednesday, a secondary student Bienvenu Rumata was killed by his colleagues in their dormitory, at the School of Nursing Sciences of Rubengera, in West Province, added the press release. A medical report revealed that the young man was assaulted before strangled to death by using a rope.

Last Thursday, at the occasion of a ceremony at the National University of Rwanda (NUR), the ministry of education warned against the genocide ideology in education establishments.

"The ministry of education is dedicated to fighting genocide ideology at all levels (of teaching)", stated the Minister of State in Ministry of Education, Theoneste Mutsindashyaka. He stressed that an academician possessed by genocide ideology could not enlighten people.

Mutsindashyaka reminded of last month's law voted by the Chamber of Deputies, repressing genocide ideology and envisaging sentences up to life in prison. The Bill must still pass before the Senate, before assented by President Paul Kagame.

In January, the ministry of education fired tens principals and teachers accused of conveying genocide ideology.

The Rwandan government also named last month the national commission tasked to fight genocide.


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