Bujumbura, 20 June 2008 (FH) - The Government of Burundi, Joint Steering Committee for Consolidation of Peace in Burundi and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have signed an agreement to support the national consultations on the set up of the mechanisms for transitional justice in Burundi, which will cost USD 1, 380 000.

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According to an official of the representative of the UN in Bujumbura, the objective of the project was "to involve the Burundian population in the national reconciliation process for the set up of the mechanisms of transitional justice".

The consultations are aimed at creating an environment favourable to the appropriation of the mechanisms of transitional justice and to the participation of the population in the process of reconciliation; to consult the population as a whole and at all the territorial levels to collect its points of view on the mechanisms of transitional justice and ; to ensure that the points of view of the population on the mechanisms of the transitional justice are consigned in a widely distributed report.

The agreement should pave way for the start of the national consultations, expected to last about one year.

The project falls under the priorities expressed by Burundi in its Priority Plan of Consolidation of Peace in regards to the reconciliation and the fight against impunity envisaged by the Arusha Accords for peace and reconciliation in Burundi.


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