Kigali, 22 August 2008 (FH) - The trial of Hermann Rushigajiki, a former collaborator of Prefect Tharcisse Renzaho, is expected to resume on Sunday after being in appeal for about last two months before the semi-traditional Gacaca court of the Nyakabanda sector, Kigali.

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Classified in the first category of the planners of the genocide, Rushigajiki is accused of the murder in Nyakabanda, preparing a list of Tutsis to be killed, the sensitizing and the monitoring of the genocide, the detention and the distribution of weapons, the preparation of meetings of the genocide and the supervision of the officer corps of the militiamen in the Nyakabanda sector, according to the indictment.

The prosecution witnesses are unanimous on the responsibility of the defendant in the murders of John Nsengiyumva and his brother-in-law Jean Baptiste Kaboyi, Kayitare Bernard and his son Kayitare Benoît, Mukagasana Yvonne and her mother Gahongayire, Ngarambe Vianney, all the family of the singer Loti Bizimana, the Kamanayo family, Benoît and Fulgence added the indictment.

The defendant has pleaded not guilty to all the counts. "I could not do anything to any of that sort. I was vulnerable myself, my wife being Tutsi and belonging myself to the moderate MDR party of Faustin Twagiramungu. The genocidaires had no confidence at all in me", pleaded Rushigajiki. .

On first instance, then in appeal, Rushigajiki was acquitted by the court of Rwezamenyo. Those accusing him are either former prisoners, prison companions of the defendant and survivors:

"The money was plentiful and drowned the truth, and, with it, wants to hide Hermann's crimes", explained a prisoner who came to testify.


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