Arusha, 1 October 2008 (FH) - The United Nations Joint Disciplinary Committee (JDC) has cleared the Spokesman of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), Mr Roland Amoussouga, of allegations of impropriety relating to the recruitment process of the Chief of the Defence Counsel and Detention Management Section (DCDMS), which created turmoil between end August and early September 2005.

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The JDC has now dropped the misconduct charges against Mr Amoussouga who has been cleared of any wrongdoing. The UN Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-moon, has fully endorsed the JDC recommendations of 15 September 2008.

"After reviewing the case, the UN Joint Disciplinary Committee (JDC) unanimously recommended that the charges against Mr Roland Amoussouga, Chief ERSPS (External Relations and Strategic Planning Section), be dropped and no further disciplinary action be taken," according to a circular issued by the ICTR's Chief of Division of Administration, Ms Sarah Kilemi, dated 30 September, 2008 and Hirondelle Agency was in possession of it.

Mr Amoussouga was allegedly accused of impropriety relating to the recruitment process of the Chief of the Defence Counsel and Detention Management Section (DCDMS) after French lawyer Pascal Besnier was selected by a UNICTR panel for the post. A series of alleged Amoussouga's private emails were suddenly circulated in the ICTR and on the internet asserting some sort of collusion between the French lawyer and Amoussouga over the recruitment process. Some of the emails were subsequently published in the book of a Cameroonian author Charles Onana, titled "The Secrets of International Justice" published in December, 2005.

However, shortly after a lawsuit filed by Besnier, a French Court condemned the publication and the author was fined to pay one symbolic euro in damages plus a penalty of euro 1000 and the payment of legal fees.

Following a preliminary fact finding inquiry into allegations, and pending the final decision of the UN Secretary-General, the Registrar put in place temporary measures including the freezing of the recruitment process for the post and the redeployment of the then Spokesperson.

According to Ms Kilemi, in view of the foregoing, some of the interim measures taken on 6 october,2005, pending final outcome of the proceedings, and which are still in place ‘' will be reviewed with the view to reinstating the status quo ante, to the extent possible".

When contacted, Mr. Amoussouga said:" I am relieved that everything is now over'' and refused to elaborate further. Besnier could not be reached for a comment.


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