Ngoma 10 October 2008 (FH) - The appeal of Jean de Dieu Munyengabe, alias Padiri, 55, will begin Monday before the Appellate Court of the Kibungo sector and has already caused quarrels between survivors of the genocide, reports Hirondelle Agency.

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Classified in the first category of the planners of the genocide, the former accountant of the Kibungo Prefecture, a native of Ruhengeri, regarded as a stronghold of the former regime, is prosecuted for his role in the persecution and the death of RFP "henchmen" in 1990, and in the organization of genocide planning meetings, explained to the Hirondelle Agency the local IBUKA representative, Mrs. Josiane Umulisa.

According to her, his acquittal in first instance, in mid-September, sealed the quarrels between survivors who had started at the beginning and which had continued during the trial, she explained.

"Three survivors, all influential businessmen, to whom he would have brought provisions, pleaded in his defence, against the victims who testified to his guilt.

"I was raped during the genocide and I still have scars. My pains are reduced today by the sentencing to life in prison of my torturer. To acquit Munyengabe, the planner, the silent partner of our martyrdom of 1994, rather revives these pains", a young woman said.


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