Kigali, 27 October 2008 (FH) - The Prosecutor of High Court of Rwanda, Bonaventure Ruberwa, has requested for maximum life imprisonment for policeman Innocent Gatete accused of having murdered on 23 September this year an officer who had testified in a trial for crimes of genocide. The decision will be rendered next Friday.

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A sergeant, Gatete, belonged to the escort team of the Minister for Interior Security, Sheih Mussa Fazil Harerimana. He is accused of having committed a premeditated murder of Lieutenant François Munyemana in Kicukiro, a district in Kigali. The officer was a prosecution witness in the genocide trial against Minister Harerimana before the semi-traditional Gacaca Court of the Biryogo sector, Kigali District.

According to a former judge who requested for anonymity, Munyemana had given evidence on the responsibility of Fazil Harerimana in the organization of Fanya Fujo Uone (FFU), a militia which was involved in the 1994 Tutsi genocide. According to him, the president of the court was dismissed before the end of the trial, a little later the file disappeared and the minister was acquitted by the court of the Gabiro cell, as a simple looter.

On the fateful day at 10:00 p.m. Gatete left his boss house without telling anyone and met Munyemana where the latter had parked his car. After a short argument, he forced him to sit on the ground, a few meters from there, armed with his gun, shot the victim twice. The defendant admitted having shot dead the victim but claims that it was done after a provocation. His lawyer, Project Kaburege, however, wants the crime to be reduced as manslaughter instead murder.


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