Nyanza (South Province), 16 December, 2008 (FH) - The trial of François Ntawugashira and his sons, accused of genocide and crimes against humanity before the gacaca court of the Mukingo sector, in NyanzA, district caused many contradictions, Hirondelle News Agency learned.

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Tried by the same court for the murder of Denys Ntawigeneye in 1994, Ntawugashira and his sons had been acquitted in mid-July 2007.

According to the sister of the victim, Véronique Uwibambe, the acquittals were rendered "in controversial circumstances." She tried to appeal but the request was rejected.

In July 2008, one year after the end of the trial, Véronique Uwibambe returned with new evidence that led to the revision of the trial.

"In addition to these defendants, Léonard Sibomana spoke about a man named Mukiga, sentenced to life in prison who revealed to me the place where the body of my brother was buried," Veronique told Hirondelle.

The trial has been delayed for more than 6 times since the complainant asked for the revision of the case because of the disappearance of the case file.

A teacher, close to Véronique who followed all most all the trials in Mukingo alleged that corruption cases was mounting in the area, compromising justice to be done.


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