Kigali, 24 December 2008 (FH) - Dominique Makeli, a journalist of the Rwandan national radio in 1994, prosecuted for genocide and crimes against humanity, appeared, last weekend, before the gacaca appeal court of Rugenge, in Kigali.

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He was acquitted on 5 October after being detained for 14 years. After this decision. victims filed an appeal on 12 October denouncing, in particular, the "partiality of the judges" and the "irregularities of the proceedings". The president of the court, Jean Nyamurinda, asked them to clarify their evidence and to provide written details.

Makeli had been accused of "incitement to genocide through the national radio, planning meetings of the genocide in the Rugenge sector, complicity in the murders of Tutsis in Kabgayi and attempted murder of Calixte Gasagara", according to the indictment.

This trial, contrary to norms, provoked the interest of certain institutions, representatives of the National Service of the Gacaca Courts, National Commission of Human rights, Ibuka, the association of the survivors of the genocide, as well as local authorities, noted the Hirondelle Agency.

The victim party remains sceptic as for the conclusion of the trial. "Why do they insist to extort from us these details before the trial itself? To undoubtedly prepare the trial for the defendant as in the first trial!", indicates one of the witness victims.

The resumption of the trial is scheduled at 3 January 2009, the date to which the prosecution must have filed the required details, President Nyamurinda indicated.


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