Arusha, 2 April 2009 (FH) - The investigations are on in France against Mrs Rose Kabuye, Rwanda's Chief of Protocol, within the framework of the plane attack which cost the life of the then Rwandan President, Juvenal Habyarimana, on 6 April, 1994.

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Mrs Kabuye returned Tuesday evening to her country after a third hearing before French investigating judges and remains subject to a judicial review.

On her return to Kigali she told reporters that she would resume her duty which apparently led several news agencies suggesting that French justice had lifted her arrest warrant, leading to confusion and implying that the investigations had been abandoned.

"The legal investigations are still ongoing", affirmed Isabelle Montagne, Spokesperson of the Prosecution of Paris, over the telephone from Paris to the Hirondelle Agency Thursday.

Due to the international arrest warrants issued in 2006 by French justice, Mrs Kabuye was arrested on 9 November 2008 in Germany and was transferred to Paris, where she is accused of complicity to murder and criminal conspiracy, all in relation to a terrorist enterprise.

The investigation judge suspected her of haven taken part in the attack committed, on 6 April 1994, against the plane of the Rwandan Hutu President, Habyarimana. Mrs Kabuye was suspected of having taken part in the lodging of the commando which allegedly fired on the presidential plane as it was approaching the Kigali airport. The crew of the plane was French, which has allowed for the opening of Mrs Kabuye's legal proceedings in Paris.

"The arrest warrants are issued against the people who do not answer to the subpoenas. After her arrest in Frankfurt, Mrs. Kabuye was indicted and heard. The arrest warrant ceases", clarified Ms Montagne.

Mrs Kabuye, under judicial review, had returned to her country in mid-February for a temporary visit. She had already been authorized by French justice to spend the holidays there.

Subpoenaed once again, Mrs Kabuye returned in March to be questioned by the investigating magistrates. French justice then allowed her to return to Kigali.

"No judicial decision has been made" pointed out to the Hirondelle Agency Bernard Maingain, Kabuye's lawyer, on phone from Rwanda.

"Mrs Kabuye will be heard again in May [in Paris]", said Belgian defence counsel, adding that in the interlude, it was decided that she could discharge her professional duty, including traveling overseas.

"It is an easing of judicial review, not a decision", concluded Maingain.

 The attack of 6 April, in which Mr. Habyarimana was killed, triggered the genocide, which resulted in, according to the UN approximately death of 800 000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus.   


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