Arusha, 24 April 2009 (FH) - One of the alleged main authors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, businessman Vincent Nzigiyimfura, lives freely in Malawi where his business is flourishing, according to the organization African Rights, which is headquartered in London.

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"He collaborated with the military officers, politicians, local government officials, businessmen and civilians who were at the heart of the massacres in Nyanza, Kavumu, Remera and many other locations in Nyabisindu and Kigoma", in the communes of Nyabisindu and Kigoma (southern Rwanda)'' added African Rights.

In a report entitled "Vincent Nzigiyimfura in Malawi: A pillar of the 1994 genocide", the organization for the defence of human rights published testimonies of authors of the genocide who affirm to have acted on the orders of the businessman.

Among Nzigiyimfura's alleged accomplices, the organization mentions the former Mayor of Kigoma, Célestin Ugirashebuja, who was rejected by the British to be extradited to Rwanda.

The suspect conducts his business in Lilongwe, under the name of Nzigiye and has began the procedures in order to obtain the citizenship of the host country, according to African Rights.

"In Lilongwe, he has been active in setting up networks to help his close relatives, imprisoned as genocide suspects, escape justice and find refuge in Malawi", noted the report.


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