Arusha, 30 June, 2009 (FH) - The ‘One dollar campaign' launched in Rwanda on April 4, 2009 aiming at raising funds to support orphans of the 1994 Rwandan genocide has so far collected a total cash worth 500 million Rwandan Francs ( 1 mil. US dollars), according to the report published Tuesday by the Rwandan daily  New Times, reports Hirondelle Agency.

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The newspaper quoted an official in charge of the Rwandan Diaspora Global Network (RDGN), Gustave Karara as saying during a press conference in Kigali that the campaign is still short of Rwf 1.5 billion ( 3 mil US dollars) to reach its target.

The 100-day operation carried out throughout the world by Rwandan living in Diaspora aims at constructing houses for orphans whose parents were killed during the genocide which left over 800,000 people mostly Tutsis and moderate Hutus dead between April 6 and July, 1994.

However Karara sounded optimistic that the target would be reached. ‘' Although this is the only visible available amount, we believe that we have in-a-way already met our target. There are various pledges that have been sent and once valued; these can raise the available figure,'' the New Times quoted Karara.

This optimism was also shared by the Vice Chairperson of RDGN. On Tuesday, Leonie Rutanga said to Hirondelle Agency in Arusha :  ‘' We will meet the target.''

Giving examples Rutanga said some public institutions and private companies promised to donated services and materials which are crucial for the project.

She mentioned the Rwanda Ministry of Defence which pledged to transport all building materials to the sites, Kigali City Council promised to send its engineers and architects for construction and a cement company which pledged to offer all the cement needed for building the houses in question.

Other efforts are still underway in and outside Rwanda to reach the target as estimated, Rutanga said.

The construction work is expected to start after the end of the 100-day campaign in early July.                   


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