Arusha, 07 October, 2009 (FH) - Captain Ildephonse Nizeyimana, who was arrested in Kampala (Uganda) on Monday, was  transferred Tuesday afternoon to the Detention Facility of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) based in Arusha (Tanzania).

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Charged by the ICTR with genocide and crimes against humanity, Captain Ildephonse Nizeyimana was at the time under consideration, in 1994, second in command of the Non Commissioned Officers School (Ecole des sous-officiers, ESO) in Butare (south of Rwanda).

According to the ICTR spokesperson, Roland Amoussouga, he is expected to appear before an ICTR judge within days.

« Captain Nizeyimana, in exercise of his authority, set up secret units of extremist elements whom he assigned secret missions », reads the indictment. It goes on : "In the course of one of these secret missions, on the 20th of April 1994, Captain Nizeyimana sent a section of soldiers led by 2nd Lieutenant Pierre Bizimana to the home of Queen Rosalie Gicanda, a symbolic figure for all Tutsis, and ordered her execution which was subsequently carried out".

Rosalie Gicanda was the widow of the next to last king of Rwanda, Mutara III Rudahigwa.

"These extremist elements also included northern officers at the ESO, hailing from the same region as Captain Nizeyimana and over whom he exercised almost exclusive authority. These officers were all directly answerable to Captain Nizeyimana and carried out his orders", adds the indictment.

The prosecutor also alleges that Nizeyimana drew up lists of Tutsi intellectuals to be killed. Soldiers and Interahamwe militia were provided with these lists when tasked with murder.

In the UN Detention Facility, Captain Nizeyimana joins several of his former companions, amongst whom Lieutenant Ildephonse Hategekimana, the former commander of the small military camp of Ngoma, also in Butare.

According to expert witnesses called upon by the prosecution, Nizeyimana and Hategekimana closely collaborated conjointly during the genocide.


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