Arusha, January 26, 2010 (FH) - The two judges from the Tribunal de Grande instance (TGI) in Paris, who arrived in Rwanda on Friday 22, are completing "preliminary investigations" regarding three cases of genocide-suspects living in France.

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According to the Prosecutor General's spokesperson Augustin Nkusi, quoted by Radio Rwanda, Brigitte Jolivet and Nicolas Aubertin are gathering information about Lieutenant-Colonel Marcel Bivugagabo, Captain Pascal Simbikangwa and businessman Claver Kamana.

"The two judges are accompanied by a French prosecutor and two French policemen", Radio Rwanda added.

Bivugabagabo was one of the commanding officers in Ruhengeri District during the genocide, while Captain Simbibangwa, now restricted to a wheelchair, was a top intelligence officer in the Rwandan army.

The current week-long mission follows a similar visit to Rwanda made in November by two others judges from the TGI who then completed their investigations on two cases, those of Wenceslas Munyeshaka and Laurent Bucybaruta.

Fifteen Rwandans are currently awaiting trial in France.

In an op-Ed published January 7 in Le Monde, the French Foreign Affairs and Justice ministers stated their intention to create a special investigative unit as part of the TGI to speed up the prosecution of genocide crimes and crimes against humanity.


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