Arusha, March 16, 2011(FH) - The Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) will hear the appeal in the case of former Rwandan military officer, Lieutenant Colonel, Ephrem Setako on March 29, 2011.

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‘'The appeal hearing in the present case (Setako) shall take place on Tuesday, 29 March 2011, in Arusha, Tanzania..,'' read part of the scheduling order issued by the Appeals Chamber.

The former Army officer, who was the head of the division of legal affairs in the Ministry of Defence during the 1994 genocide, was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment after being found guilty of genocide, extermination as a crime against humanity and violence to life as a war crime on February 25, 2010.

The Trial Chamber among others found Lt. Col. Setako responsible for the killing of 30 to 40 Tutsis at Mukamira military camp on April 25, 1994 and the death of around 10 others on May 11, at same camp in the same year.

However the convict was set free from three other charges including complicity in genocide, murder as a crime against humanity and pillage as a war crime.  

Lt. Col. Setako hails from Nkuli commune in Ruhengeri prefecture, northern Rwanda. He was arrested in February 2004 in the Netherland and his trial commenced on August 25 2008 and closed on June 26, 2009 after 60 days of trial.


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