The Hague, September 8, 2011 (FH) - Confirmation of charges hearings in Ruto's and others case before the International Criminal Court (ICC) ended on September 8 with the Defence and the Prosecution presenting their conclusions.

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William Ruto, Henry Kosgey and Joshua Sang, who appeared freely before the court, are suspected of crimes against humanity committed in the aftermath of Kenya's Presidential election in December 2007. If judges confirm the charges, they will be tried before the ICC.

Over ten days, Defence denounced the weakness of the investigation, while Prosecutor Cynthia Tai reiterated that not all evidence had yet been displayed.

Several witnesses had declared in written statements that current Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga - and a Presidential candidate in 2007 - had been leading the attacks in the Rift Valley. However, the Prosecutor insisted that "the prosecution has no evidence at this time to the effect that Odinga was involved in the planning or perpetration of the crimes committed". She then added: "Is it exonerating, M. Kosgey ? We suggest it doesn't".

Ruto's Defence lawyer Kioko Musau declared that the proceedings against his client were a way "to keep him out of the presidential election" slated for 2012. He urged the Court not to become "a forum to interfere in the political and democratic process of member States".

According to him, there was no "criminal network (...) It did not exist. It's a creation of the Prosecutor", who relies on "manufactured" evidence. 

Three other Kenyan officials, Uhuru Kenyatta, Francis Muthaura et Hussein Ali are expected to appear before the court on September 21 for their confirmation of charges hearings.


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